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Our Story started in 1978 in the Middle East, for many generations we designed beautiful hand made furniture, decoration in an artistic way, it was an art.

The company expanded later to create customized dinnerware and other interior design decoration pieces.

All furniture is handmade, masterpieces.

We never did a mass production, just exact reproduction of the European furniture, the same tradition was done for years.

We moved to the United States  with my Husband, to continue his successful career but, my passion never became less toward the art of interior design and furniture.

My Picture taken by my Love and Soulmate  

He has inspired me to create our company with the news of having our 3rd child.

Here in USA where Dream became true, I wanted  to mix my experience with the contemporary view of home design.  I had my vision and started a new company.  

I decided to do reproduction that will suit Modern World, I chose the most beautiful pieces from our furniture collection and rebuilt them the same way as they were built many centuries ago, however I added the contemporary color and upholstery. Every piece was done with maximum attention to details, fabrics and upholstery until it is perfect.

This is my starting collection, and the entire collection will be added SOON