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Happy Easter additional 30% discount on everything

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Happy Easter additional 30% discount on everything

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Zan-Zour Luxury Antiques

If you are considering an exceptional kind of furniture or need a special piece that will distinguish your home and make it impressive, you need one of our handmade furniture pieces from Zanzour Luxury Antiques. All of Zanzour Luxury furniture is made of high-quality, solid wood and upholstery fabrics. Our furniture is fabricated by professionals that pay great attention to fine detail and have distinct taste in furniture and are passionate about creating pieces for others to enjoy.

If you are thinking about buying any handmade furniture, there are some things to consider.

Assume Minor Imperfections

 All of the furniture at Zanzour Luxury Antiques is handmade,  with that being said there may be some slight imperfections. These imperfections do not affect the high quality standard by any means. These small imperfections are usually not visible or are hard to spot. Many pieces will not have any imperfections, but it is essential to appreciate that anything handmade could be distinctive each time. If you understand how handmade furniture is fabricated you will love these imperfections because of their individuality.

Why Handmade Furniture

When you are obtaining a piece of handmade furniture Zanzour Luxury Antiques, these are one of a kind items. We manufacture unique pieces of all types.  A master has sensibly created your piece and taken the time to designed and build it. An enormous of labor and desire goes into creating a piece of furniture by hand. The results are always a stunning and exceptional.


Difference in Quality

When you are buying furniture from any big furniture store, you are purchasing something that was made in a factory usually in mass quantity. It may look similar however the quality craftmanship will never be the same as the handmade type. When you buy our handmade furniture, you appreciate that someone acquired the time to carefully design your piece of furniture or décor, and that it was examined and fashioned with affection and expertise.


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